Friday, November 7, 2014

The Key Master found Mass Hysteria during Spiritual Turbulence by Not Crossing the Streams

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back and feeling a slight bit better amid the plague that is lingering in my household. I actually felt like getting up and putting makeup on today instead of just wishing for sleep constantly.

Yup, that is all that I want to do lately with this nasty bug.

Shocking as it may be, I have pretty much spent the whole week without a smidgen of makeup on my face.

Yup I totally look like this without any makeup.

   But since I am feeling mostly human today I wanted to bust out with some gorgeous new colors that I received from Darling Girl.  That is right, as you can tell from the animate gifs that are all over this page the collection I am working with today is inspired by Ghostbusters.

What?! Did you say Ghost Busters? 

These colors are absolutely gorgeous and when I saw sneak peeks of them in the Darling Girl Fan Page on Facebook I was instantly blown away.
Feel the wrath of gorgeous fabulous pretty colors!!

I had a hard time choosing what colors to play with today since they are all so pretty and shimmery!

But this is what I finally decided on...

   I used the following products with this look:
Darling Girl (DG) Ghost Job
Serendipity  (DG)
Key Master  (DG)
Mass Hysteria  (DG)
Spiritual Turbulence  (DG)
Don't Cross the Streams  (DG)
He Slimed Me (DG)
The assorted Eye brushes from the 15 piece pink brush set from the Born Pretty Store (use code KLH10 for 10% off and free shipping off your order)
Barbara Lashes from Oh My Lash

 Now sadly, Serendipity was a GWP shadow and is no longer available however all of the other shadows used were from the Who Ya Gonna Call Collection from Darling Girl. You can pick up the shadows here. You can also follow Darling Girl on Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to join the Darling Girl Fan Group in order to get all the sneak peeks of the new and upcoming collections that are coming out! I hope that you enjoyed this look and until next time lovelies!


  1. This collection just has something special about it! It's like, in the bull's eye :) And I really love how you combined all these colours!!!

    1. You are so right Miram! This collection does have something special about it. It is just fantastic! Thanks so much love!