Monday, November 24, 2014

A little bit of lace with some blackened amethyst.

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back to another installment of Mani Monday and MOAR drunk stamping. I swear that I will eventually get this stamping deal down however I still haven't quite perfected my technique. So while I am struggling you can feel better about your own nails. ^_~

 The struggle is real and especially worse with stamping...

    The holidays are gearing up with Thanksgiving this coming Thursday. Mr Dreadful is off for a week and I have to get my holiday back on to visit my parents. We take the Dreadful horde over to their house and celebrate Thanksgiving there and then celebrate Christmas here.  However like from my previous post, I am HATE the holiday shopping ordeal.

See that vacant look...not happening

Yup totally staying home...

  Mr Dreadful is hoping to snag some Black Friday deals and that is ALL him. I am staying home away from people and working on my manicure and stamping. I may even do a makeup look or two. But I am not going ANYWHERE near a store.
That is right Godzilla, fuck that shit..

I will however hit the web for some awesome Cyber Monday deals cause some are just too good to pass up. But enough chattering about the holidays and on with the thing that you came here for..NAILS!

You can even see the epic Holo through my craptacular stamping!

I used the following products for this manicure
Opi Strengthening Base Coat
Vapid Lacquer's Blackened Amethyst
Gothic Gala Lacquers Basic White Stamping Polish
Born Pretty Chic Lace Stamping Plate BP-02  (Use Discount Code KLH10 for a discount off your purchase and free shipping)
Vapid Lacquer's Fast Drying Top Coat

   This was my first time using the Born Pretty Stamping Plates and I was extremely pleased with how well they stamped. There will be a review on them coming up in the near future after I survive the holidays. If you are wanting to pick up Blackened Amethyst from Vapid Lacquer you can do so here. You can also follow her on Facebook, on her Facebook Fan Group, and even on Instagram. I hope that you enjoyed this version of Mani Monday! Until next time lovelies...

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