Sunday, May 4, 2014

EOTD/FOTD Series: May the FOURTH be with you featuring BeautyBarBaby!

Hello Lovelies!
    I rarely post on the weekends since it is strictly reserved for family time but since today is a special day I wanted to share my EOTD look with you. In honor of May the Fourth Be With You I decided to do a Star Wars themed look and what better way than to do a look inspired on my favorite villains, Boba Fett. Why Boba Fett you ask? Well simply because he is just a total bad ass. He doesn't whine or mope about how hard things are and poor him with his villainy, Boba Fett just owns it and revels in his awesome bounty hunter status. So that is why I am doing my first Star Wars themed looks dedicated to him. Cause I wanted to be awesome like Boba Fett when I was little.

Seriously look at this armor, total bad ass.

For this look I used the following products:

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
NYX  Jumbo pencil in Milk
That's Really Bananas - inner corner (BeautyBarBaby)
Omen - all over lid (BBB)
Meteor-outer v and in crease (BBB)
Blackened Ruby- above Meteor in the crease and the outer portion of the lower lash line (BBB)
Poisoned Apple -above Blackened Ruby and front portion of the lower lash line (BBB)
Miss Daisy- highlight/ brow bone (BBB)
Black gel Liner (BBB)
Barbara lashes from Oh My Lash

Do you have a favorite Star War Character? Who is it?

I am off to watch the original trilogy so until next time lovelies!

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