Monday, May 5, 2014

Mani Monday : Featuring Sea Witch, Prince Eric and Under the Sea from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics

Hello Lovelies!
   Welcome back again to another edition of Mani Monday! Today I am featuring sneak peaks from part of the Grotto, a Little Mermaid inspired collection, from Carpe Noctem Cosmetics. Carpe Noctem is run by a super sweet lady named Emily and she has a fan group on Facebook where she was kind (or possibly evil since these immediately made me want them) enough to share some awesome sneak peaks of her new line of semi permanent polishes* (there are 10 in all and a special polish version of "Dinglehopper") and offered a pre-order of some or all of the collection to the group before the release date of May 16th .  While the entire collection looks amazing, my budget only allowed three this time and I immediately chose Sea Witch, Prince Eric and Under the Sea. Just take a look at them!

Sea Witch and Prince Eric on the accent nail

Sea Witch with Under the Sea on the accent nail.
Sea Witch is a gorgeous medium to dark purple linear holo that just simply shines in the sunlight as fabulous as Ursula herself.  Prince Eric is a true black linear holo which just reminds me a perfect combination of Eric's dark hair and light eyes. Finally, Under the Sea is what I would consider a light medium based blue linear holo almost as magical as Triton's kingdom itself.  The minis seen here were only available for the pre-order but I will definitely be purchasing the full size bottles when these are done.
*Now you may be asking what is a semi permanent line?* Basically, it depends on how well this collection sells whether or not if it will be part of her permanent line. So don't wait for these beauties because they may disappear into the vault if you do. So be sure to head over to Carpe Noctem Cosmetics on May 16th to get your hands on this collection.  I hope that you enjoyed this edition of Mani Monday and until next time lovelies!

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