Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Swatch Here and a Swatch There: Beauty Bar Baby's Opulent Opaques from her new POE inspired line!

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back again this time with more swatches of the new Opulent Opaque lipstick line from Beauty Bar Baby. The first of the Opulent Opaque lipsticks is a collection inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe! Awesome opaque lipsticks inspired by one of my favorite writers of all time I am over the moon! But enough of my blathering I know what you really came for and that is the SWATCHES!  (Links are provided to the direct product just in case you have to get them NOW. ^_~)

Angel of the Odd

      "Angel of the Odd- A bright vibrant pink as intoxicating as the poem the name was inspired after"

Dream Within A Dream

   "Dream Within A Dream - A light lavender with a hint of blue & the perfect amount of dream essence"


"Eleonora- an almost maddening beautiful burgundy full of passion and fancy like the maiden it was named after"

Haunted Palace

          "Haunted Palace- a medium toned mauve as angelic as the palace that was tended by angels"

House of Usher

       "House of Usher - a darkened plum as dark and beautiful as the estate which it is named after"

Island of the Fay

          "A dreamy orchid color similar to beautiful flowers one would find on an Island of the Fay"

                 "Ligeia- A haunting combination of reds and plums to create a supernatural look"

Masque of the Red Death

"Masque of the Red Death- A brilliant bright berry red which will cause you to be the center of the party even if the plague and chaos are all around you."

               "Nevermore- Dark as the raven's wing that quoted the unforgettable phrase"

   Now for some reason you aren't a big Poe junkie as I am, you can go read the various short stories and poems on this site. (Seriously go read them now, everyone should read Poe. ^_~) But I hope that you enjoyed this swatch EXPLOSION of lipsticks !

Until Next Time Lovelies!

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  1. These look awesome! I'll have to check them out.