Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A few FOTD/ EOTD done with Candii Blossom Cosmetics

Hello lovelies!
   It appears that another month has ambushed us again. Those of you who follow me on my other social media pages will recognize the FOTD from late in March however due to the plague which attacked my house I wasn't able to steal away and post it to the blog. But I promise to do better! More posts this month, I promise! But anyways here is my most recent EOTD done with Candii Blossom Cosmetics.

This what I would consider more of a neutral eye look with a pop of color.
   I wore this neutral-ish eye look to a baby shower and it was a huge hit. It was done used Candii Blossom Cosmetics: Oasis, Fairyland Green, Atlantis, Miami Rose, Shikomi, Purple Rain and Intergalatic. The lashes were also from the Born Pretty Store (see the link on the side).  Now on to my favorite look of the two since naturally I love bolder and brighter looks. Here is the full face look that I did with a tutorial at the tail end of March.
Oh how I love the dramatic looks. ..

  For the eyes I used Candii Blossom Cosmetic's : Fluff, Fairyland Green (I am in love with that shade), Angel Eyes, Atlantis, Intergalatic, Purple Rain, Skikomi and Maiko (foiled for the golden dots). 
The lenses are from Pinky Paradise (see the links on the side to take you directly to the page) and the lashes were from the Born Pretty Store (used coupon code KLH10 for 10% off your order from them). 
I even have a full face photo of this look (sadly I have chronic RBF so I always look angry. >.<)

And as promised here is the actual tutorial for this look.  So, this is like two posts in one but enough of my babbling and on with the tutorial!

I hope that you have enjoyed these rather long EOTD/FOTD post and coming up are more EOTD posts, I have a review from a lovely indie company called Innocent + Twisted to stay tuned!
Until next time lovelies!


  1. I looooove the green and blue look! Fabulous!