Monday, April 21, 2014

Mani Monday with Vapid Lacquer

Hello Lovelies!
   I am back again after the holidays with a new mani Monday installation! Today I am wearing Black Opal and Shattered Rainbows from Vapid Lacquer! Black Opal is a gorgeous smoky grey polish with a subtle shift. It isn't as apparent as some of her other shifting polishes so perfect for those of you who don't want a dramatic shift in your polish. I did manage to get in on the presale of her AMAZING opal top coat that she featured on her Facebook page a little bit back and dear gods it is fabulous. Not this isn't your everyday opal like shifting top coat, this is LITERALLY CRUSHED opals on your fingers. I placed this amazing top coat on my accent finger over Salon Perfect's Oil slick to soak in the beauty of the shifting colors and sparkly goodness. Just take a look at the rainbow look in this photo...

Yes, my mani skills need some real work but look at the SPARKLE!

   While I know it looks like my two year old painted my nails compared to a LOT of other swatches of Black Opal but this image captured the multicolored facet of Shattered Rainbows the best. Black Opal in available in two sizes (full -as pictured here and a mini) however, Shattered Rainbows is ONLY offered in a mini because of the cost. While some of you may scoff at the price of this top coat you have to remember this is CRUSHED OPALS so it isn't cheap to begin with. Shattered Rainbows is offered in a mini but with three different choices (Coarse, Fine or a mixture of the two.) and I chose a mixture of the two in order to get the best sparkle payoff in my opinion. Now Shattered Rainbows is offered in the store just yet, but it is definitely something to save your pennies for if you are on tight beauty budget like I am. You can order Black Opal from here right now from the shop and get your steely smokey grey goodness right now . So that is all for Mani Monday this week and I will continue to work on my mani skills for next Monday! 
Until Next Time Lovelies!

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