Wednesday, February 18, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Shine Whitening System


    Hello Lovelies,
       I am back again with another review. This time I am reviewing the Shine Whitening System. I have never tried a whitening system before since I am have always been skeptical and a little paranoid with some of the ingredients do to teeth. However years of drinking tea have taken a toll on my teeth and they are not a bright as they used to be. I have tried everything toothpaste, mouth wash and nothing seemed to touch the stains. So when I had the opportunity to review this product I figured I might as well try it since I have tried everything else and failed. The instructions were easy to understand and I was really happy that they gave product information and safety  as well. The trays mold to your teeth so it makes it comfortable to use and I just leave it in for 15 minutes and I am done. There is an optional UV light for a brighter smile.I have noticed a difference about a week and a half into using it. I am REALLY impressed!

  If you would like to pick up your own Shine Whitening System you can do so on Amazon for $35. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful, until next time lovelies!

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