Thursday, February 12, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of Body Merry's Pro-A Retinol Serum


    Hello Lovelies,
       I am back with another skincare review. Today I am reviewing Body Merry's Pro- A Retinol Serum. I am a huge Body Merry Fan, I have been continually impressed with their products so when I had the opportunity to review their Retinol Serum I jumped at the opportunity. The packaged arrived quickly without any issues and it serum itself comes in an amber glass bottle with a convenient eye dropper to dispense the serum. The serum itself is translucent with an almost gel like consistency however a bit thinner than a gel. The serum applies evenly and absorbs quickly. It is light weight also doesn't leave a sticky or greasy feeling afterwards so there is no issue with applying moisturizer or makeup on afterwards. The smell is faint and has a slight hint of flowers but isn't overbearing and dissipates quickly. I have noticed that since I have started using this that my face looks more youthful. My pores have decreased in size and aren't as clogged as much and I have even noticed a decrease in the fine lines around my eyes. I am super pleased with this product and I highly recommend it.

   If you would like to pick up your own bottle of Body Merry's Pro-A Retinol Serum you can do so on Amazon. It is $39.99 but is currently on sale for $19.99. Well Lovelies, I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful, until next time Lovelies!

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