Friday, February 27, 2015

What's the Deal Dreadful? Review of LiveWire Beauty's Professional Eyelash Curler.


      Hello again lovelies,
          I am back with my third and final review of the day before I crawl back into my bed and attempt to hibernate. For list last and final review of the day, I am reviewing LiveWire Beauty's Professional Eyelash Curler.  I will admit that I am a falsie girl. I have horribly straight short lashes that refuse to keep a curl and apparently my eye is larger so that the outer lashes never really fit in curlers.I was also super skeptical about the aspect of never having to replace a pad again. So I wanted to try this out. I will say that I am super surprised and pleased with this curler! It arrived quickly in an attractive box. The curler itself is sleek and stylish black and silver so I can easily use it on clients without them focusing on the a bright handle. I found the finger grips comfortable however I wished they were a little bit larger to for my thumb. This may be a little snug for someone with larger hands/fingers. The curler curled all of my lashes, which I was really impressed with , easily with no pinching. The curling movement was smooth and easy without any jarring or jerking. The pad itself is comfortable and didn't pull at my lashes when I was done curling. When I am done curling my lashes I wipe the curler down with alcohol to keep it clean. I haven't seen any issues with the pad breaking down with use as others do. It may take a long while if any more me to see the difference in the curling pad so it may last forever with proper cleaning.

   If you would like to pick up your own LiveWire Beauty's Professional Eyelash Curler you can do so on Amazon. It is $27.99 however it is currently on sale for $14.99. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of What's the Deal Dreadful, until next time lovelies!

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