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Scentopia! Review of Comet Comforts July Monthly Box. Here be Mermaids!

Hello Again Lovelies! *Purchased*
      I am back again with another review! Today I am reviewing the Comet Comforts Box July Box which had the amazing theme of Mermaids. Now this was the first launch of a collaboration between two companies, Comet Vomit Polish and Southern Comforts Fragrance. These two lovely ladies got together and decided to create Comet Comforts which is a themed vegan and cruelty free monthly gift set of polish, scents and a surprise. I was super excited to hear of this collaboration and I am a big fan of both companies, so I couldn't wait to see what they developed.  Once I heard that the theme was going to be mermaids, which I am slightly obsessed with, I knew the box had to be mine

 The boxes went on sale during the middle of  July, shipped on August 1 and showed up in my hot little hands on August 3. When I opened the box I was really impressed with the little extra touches they put into it. Right inside the lid for the box was a fabulous mermaid stamp. It was wrapped nice and neatly with a lovely information sheet describing this month's theme and of course welcoming you to the Comet Comfort's Monthly Box.

I love that stamp and I am now on a quest to find one for myself.

  When I opened the box I was quite impressed with how nice and safe everything arrived and the colorful packing paper that was inside. I had a hell of a time keeping Doom Kitty out of the paper until I was able to pick out everything. Then I just gave up the battle.

Nothing was going to be damaged!

  After you move the paper and the 14 pound cat and kiddo hands out of the way I was left with this.

Check out all the goodies!

   Not only was there a fully sized perfume in a convient roller ball bottle, there was also a full size polish, a mini glitter top coat, a limited edition sample jar #mermaidgoals shadow from Darling Girl Cosmetics, nautical themed nail jewels, several pins, a fish scale heart temporary tattoo (which my five year old promptly claimed for herself), fabric flowers and a ton of swedish fish (which were devoured by my kiddos immediately.)  Another really neat thing about this box, is that if you are all ready a fan of either Soco or Comet Vomit each item in this box is unique to this release and will not show up in their stores. Now on with the goodies!

   We will start with the Comet Comforts Perfume, We Were Only Trying to Drown Her. 

It was a full size perfume in this box, in a 10 ml roller ball fragrance oil. My first sniff impression when I opened it up, it reminded me of the sea after a thunderstorm. There were hints of aquatics, ozone and even a hint of green. (But as stated in my previous review, I am still a perfume newbie and my super sniffer powers of picking out individual notes is very limited) I would definitely say that this is a unisex scent. When applied, my skin definitely brought out the ozone at first and then dried down to a lovely unisex aquatic.

Next up the two polishes. 

 The full size was Flippin Your Fins which instantly got the Little Mermaid song stuck in my head.

   Flippin Your Fins ( I am even still humming it now ) is a beautiful shimmery blue green polish. It applies evenly and I only needed two coats to get good coverage on my nails. I almost painted my phone this lovely color since I am a horrible klutz and dropped the brush since this was my first time dealing with a cap like this. With a nice top coat this last a week for me which is a record because I am horrible with polish. It CONSTANTLY chips on me. 

The mini glitter topper polish included in the box was called,  You Used to Call Me on My Shell phone It is blue/ teal colored glitter with lots of giant different colored glitter circles (I don't know if there is a technical term for it but they are pretty.) in various shades of silver, blue, pink , yellow and black. This is definitely a topper coat since it it would take way to much to attempt to even get full coverage. It gives just the right amount of sparkle when placed over polish. Sadly the photos of my mani with this were accidentally deleted so I will have to add them in at a later time when I redo my nails.

According to the Coco girls, there will always be a surprise guest to each box and for the first box Darling Girls Cosmetics was the guest.

Loved the name of the shadow! Who doesn't have Mermaid Goals?
 Susan from Darling Girls Cosmetics created a lovely shadow for this theme. Which is a lovely light shimmery blue with hints of pink sparkles when the light hits it just right. If you use a sticky base like the Darling Girl Glitter Glue and pat this shadow over it it really shines.

I am completely impressed with this amazing box. Each item was the perfect piece to the overall mermaid theme. Even the names were clever and fit the mermaid theme perfectly. The perfume reminded me of the ocean and what it would smell like after a storm when mermaids would come and sun themselves on rocks. Both the color and the sparkle of the polish reminded me of the mermaid scales. However I may have to give Tiffany the stink eye cause I since the Little Mermaid when I put on her polish.  Finally the surprise guest shadow from Darling Girl remind me of the ocean as well. The boxes of course as I mentioned before are both vegan and cruelty free are shipped to you in the States for $30.  It is a bit more for you international lovelies but they do offer international shipping which is nice. 

Now if you follow Comet Comforts on their social media you will know what next month's theme is..

 So, I needless to say I am an official fan and if there was any doubt I will definitely be picking up more of these lovely boxes.  The Harry Potter boxes go live for sale on August 19th through the Comet Comforts website. Follow them on Instagram for more sneak peeks for the upcoming boxes. Will you be picking up the Harry Potter Box next month? Well that is all for now lovelies, keep your eyes peeled for more posts in the future. Until next time lovelies!

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