Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Amalgam Scent Company Review!

Hello Lovelies!                                      *press sample*
     I am finally back after a hellish couple of weeks. Things always happen in threes and when disaster strikes this always holds true as well. It started off with our Playstation 3 stopped reading disks so there was much sadness in the house as all three of my kids immediately wanted to play PS3 games but couldn't. Then the big one is our computer BLEW up and was possessed by the matrix which slammed a huge halt to any blogging whatsoever. And finally the router decided to stop working in a house that streams everything. Obviously the last two issues are fixed, since I am finally able to post this much over due blog post.

   I was contacted by Laura from Amalgam Scent Company to see if I was interested in testing out her products for a review. I am always more than happy to review new products so I happily agreed. 
Amalgam Scent Company originally started off with making bath and perfume products but has now branched off into the beauty aspect. All of Amalgam Scent Company's products are vegan and cruelty free which is always a bonus in my book.  What makes this company different from other indies, is while they offer loose pigments, her entire line is pressed. There is always a debate on whether pigments are better pressed or loose but it simply boils down to these two things, what you like and convenience.  I really liked the aspect that her line is pressed because for me pressed shadows are easier to store since I am quickly  running out of room for my loose pigments. Don't get me wrong, I love my loose pigments but I really liked the aspect that she decided to stand out with her initial packaging and stuck with pressed. 

     I was sent three shadows, a highlighter and a liquid lipstick from Amalgam Scent Company's first collection, La Isla Bonita (which I always sing thanks to Madonna). If my rusty Spanish is correct, the collection translates to The Beautiful Island.  The items I got are true to the name, they are simply beautiful.  Just take a look at these swatches.  

**All swatches are done over Lunatick Lab's Eyeshadow Primer.**

 Porta Del Sol is a highlighter that is also safe for the eyes 

    Check out that pigmentation! The colors were nice and buttery, super easy to used and so blendable.  I am always worried how pressed items will arrive to me since often whoever handles my mail can get very angry at times and the boxes are not always in the best conditions when they arrive. However, that being said all of the items arrived in perfect condition and were sealed in these adorable little plastic pouches. They easily fit into an empty eyeshadow pan from either TKB or a Z palette.

I also received a gorgeous liquid lip in the shade Encanto. It s a rosy mauve with a hint of brown making an excellent every day shade when dealing with muggles or the school. It wasn't overly drying like some mattes were and is ultra pigmented since this is only one coat!  Check out that swatch and once dry they a pretty much transfer proof and easy to remove at the end of the day.

   Needless to say, I am in love with Amalgam Scent Company. This collection is simply gorgeous! There is a second collection, Soigne, which has released since I have received my products which is strictly liquid lipsticks. They are all gorgeous and I will be picking some of those up in the future.  Her newest collection , Tell Me a Story, is inspired by  Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark and releasing on September 23. Not only will it be makeup but also a fall scent. I am super excited to see what that collection brings. You can follow Amalgam Scent Company on both Facebook and Instagram to see swatches, looks and what is releasing next. If you are located in the US you can also try out a shadow for free (with the cost of shipping) to see these gorgeous colors in action. She also has some yummy bath and body items that sound heavenly so head over to Amalgam, I promise you won't be sorry.  So until next time lovelies!

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