Sunday, September 4, 2016

Confessions of a Journaling Fountain Pen Newbie : Review of Piero Lorenzo Journal on Amazon

Hello Lovelies!                                 *purchased at a discounted price*

    I am back after an unexpected delay. I have to say that when things break in my house they tend to break in threes. Patient zero started with our Playstation 3 finally giving up the ghost and refusing to read any sort of disks. Not even a day later (cause when things die they do it ONE RIGHT AFTER the other), my computer blew up. I was on it and the next second there were pixel blocks over the screen and it was locked up. So when I rebooted it, it was the black screen of despair. My husband attempted to do a previous install of Windows and the next morning it looked like I was part of the Matrix. Literally
Houston we have a problem
I was expecting Neo to show up

  Then the following day the router died. In a house that streams everything having no internet is like a death sentence especially with three kids who couldn't comprehend that Netflix doesn't work when the internet is not working. But thankfully my husband managed to get everything working with the exception of the PS3 may it rest in peace. But I am now back and there was much rejoicing. So I am doing a new review of something that I haven't reviewed before however you will be seeing more of these reviews in the future.

      I recently discovered a love a bullet journaling and fountain pens. Since this addiction happened, I am now on the hunt for the perfect journal and fountain pen combination. So when I was approached to do a review for a Piero Lorenzo journal I was extremely excited. I hadn't tried a traveler's notebook yet to use as a bullet journal but it was on my list to do. I placed the order on Amazon and the item arrived quickly and without any issues.

     The notebook itself came in an extremely attractive box wrapped in plastic with a nice new ball point pen to use with it. The pen was nice and extremely classy with a nice feel and weight to it. It wrote immediately with no issues when opened.

The leather on the journal was soft yet sturdy which will be able to hold its shape well however due to the cover being leather I wouldn't suggest throwing it into a bag with keys or sharp edges since they would possibly scuff or mar the leather.

The notebook itself has the classic to bands to easily insert the notebooks that come with it and they also included an extra notebook for future use which is definitely a bonus. The paper for the notebooks is unlined and white and thicker than moleskin paper.

 I did a pen test of the pens and inks that I have in my collection and while the paper shows the shift some of the inks I have I wouldn't suggest using a wetter nib on the paper since there is some ghosting. However I had no issues with my fine and extra fine nibbed fountain pens.

      Needless to say, I was extremely pleased with this journal. The quality is simply excellent and it the packaging makes it a wonderful gift to give anyone who is an avid journaler or someone who is just getting started. You can pick the Piero Lorenzo Journal up at Amazon for $24.99 which is an excellent price for the quality and the items that you are receiving. Have you fallen into victim to the bullet journal addiction? What are some of your favorite combinations of pens and journals? Until next time lovelies....

Item were purchased at a discounted price in return for an honest review. 

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