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Scentopia! Review of Siberie Perfumes

Hello Lovelies! *press sample*

     It has been a while since my last review and today I am reviewing a magical perfumery called Siberie Perfumes. I was approached by the owner to do a review of her lovely perfumes after she saw one of my reviews. Since I believe that one can never have too many perfumes that make you smell magical, I happily agreed. I sent her a list of perfumes I was interested in trying , since that would be a little easier to list those and the horrid death scents on me. She promptly sent me four glorious full sized scents to review. I was surprised and overwhelmed. Sadly soon after I had the worst sinus infection ever that had to go through two rounds of antibiotics before I could properly smell anything.

    Before I get started on my review, I will remind everyone that perfumes are truly a subjective thing. While I may think that something smells amazing someone else can thing that it smells like bottled wet dog. Furthermore, just because something smells amazing or even kind of meh in the bottle still do a test try. Because as I have said before, BODY CHEMISTRY is EVERYTHING. One of my holy grail scents on me smelled really meh in the bottle but turns into magic on my skin. Like I want to bathe in this scent because I love it so much. So even if you don't think it smells amazing in the bottle be sure to test to see because BODY CHEMISTRY IS EVERYTHING. Now on with the review!

      It was extremely difficult to choose from their massive collection of scents. I found their inspiration and well as the images used for the perfumes really pleasing. The four scents that were sent to me were Desideria, Giselle, Odette and Dragana. They arrived quickly and well packaged in a black bag sealed with a lovely thank you sticker.

Inside each of the full size bottles were enclosed in a black velvet draw string bag which was a wonderful surprise. The bottles are HUGE. Larger than any of the other bottles I have in my collection since they are 15ml and my largest bottle is 10ml I believe. See the bottle comparisons here.

10ml roll on, Siberie bottle, 5ml bottle and 2 dram bottle

 I am alway super paranoid when it comes to perfume bottles since I am SUPER clumsy. I swear it  must be a super power because if I can tip it over and spill it I will. Siberie bottles are completely in mind for us clumsy people because they have stoppers to save us from losing all that gorgeous scent. For you follow slathers it will take a couple of dabs of the perfume in order to get the amount you are wanting but if you are clumsy it is worth the extra dabs.

   Now on to the individual scents..

Desideria is listed on the site as a combination of vanilla bean, wood smoke, with a base of wildflower honey paired with sandalwood & myrrh resin. My body love honey and vanilla so I was thrilled that this was one of the perfumes that was sent to me. Initial cold sniff impressions , I can definitely smell the wood and the smoke with a hint of vanilla. The smokiness is very prominent in the bottle to me. When applied the smoke isn't as overwhelming at all on the skin and fades to a lovely light vanilla honey scent with a hint of sandalwood and myrrh.

Giselle is listed with the notes of ocean air, coconut cream, sweet vanilla, and a soft golden amber and is described as a beachy fragrance with an ozonic base. Both amber and vanilla are two of my go to scents I was super excited to try this one. We are also still sitting in the high eighties here in Florida I would be able to wear this as a "summer" scent.  First impressions from the bottle I get a lot of the coconut cream right off the bat as well as the vanilla sweetness. Applied it dries down light and airy mingled with the creaminess of vanilla and the hint of coconut cream and a dash of amber. It makes me feel like I need to be drinking nice cold frozen drinks with flowers and umbrellas.

Odette was described as sweet wildflower honey, delicate honeysuckle flowers with a base of fresh fallen rain and jasmine sambac. First sniff from the bottle I smell a good combination of rain and jasmine. After it is applied and mellows out on my skin the jasmine and the rain are no longer as strong and the delicate honey and honeysuckle scents come through. It reminds me of rains down here in the summer when the honeysuckle is in bloom. While it is a floral, it is a light floral and doesn't resemble the super florals grandmas love to wear.

Dragana is the bolder of the four with notes of burning firewood, dragon's blood, fresh oakmoss, red rose and a dark amber resin. It is was I would describe as a heavier more incense kind of smell verses the other three which are considerably lighter. First sniff impressions I immediately pick up on the firewood and the dragon's blood since I consider them the heavier of the notes.  Once applied on my skin it smoke and the dragon's blood are prominent at first but later mellow out to more of the woodsy smell of oakmoss and the sexy musk of amber. There is a slight hint of rose but my chemistry loves oakmoss and tends to amp it over. I tend to wear "heavier" perfumes during the winter so this will definitely be at the top of my daily list.

   I am super pleased with all the scents that I received from Siberie and even with them being in Canada and me located all the way down in Florida, they arrived super quickly and were packaged wonderfully. I am still in awe of how massive these bottles are and for $12.95 per bottle you won't break the bank picking up more than one. If you are new to perfumes and are just starting out I really suggest sampler packages so you can try a variety of scents to see what works with you. Or if you can't decide and want to try samples before committing to a bottle then they have the pick three scents options for 9.95 .They are vegan and cruelty free so get all the honey scents you want the bees are okay! Overall I loved all the scents I received and I look forward to ordering from them in the future.   You can order from Siberie on their website and on Etsy .  Until next time lovelies!

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