Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Swatch Here and A Swatch There: The New Lipcraft Glosses from Notoriously Morbid

Hello Lovelies!
    I am back! I know some of you are wondering where the hell have I been? Or at least I am hoping that some of you have missed me.

Yeah, here is to hoping..

   I have been attempting to wrangle my horde and get them ready for school which starts for two of them on Monday so hence the dash to the store for supplies, orientation, realizing that you forgot to buy pens for your oldest and then having to go BACK to the store, swimming lessons and of course everything in between. On top of all of that my computer decided to constantly reboot itself for a day making it impossible for me to hop on line and post. Cause I will freely admit that now I have become addicted to animated gifs and sarcastic photos to get my rambling across that I can't imagine my blog without them.

Animated gifs are so much fun!

But I am finally back today with the end in sight since school starts on Monday and everything is done.

Yeah, who am I kidding. Nothing is EVER done.

And of top of that I received some Morbid Mail (mail from Notoriously Morbid) with her new Lipcraft Glosses. Yup, lip glosses and Lovecraft mingled together to have these gorgeous love children. Oh the joy! My dark heart was set a flutter. I immediately ripped open the package and slathered these lippies on.

This is EXACTLY what I looked like 2 seconds after opening up the package.

Just take a look at them..

Yup, I made all kinds of weird duck faces for these swatches for you to enjoy.

Pale Sanity

Pale Sanity is described on the site as a creamy tangerine with a gold shift with a sheer opacity. While most people automatically think of ORANGE when they see the word tangerine. However it is what I would call a neutral orange. It is pale and creamy with a hint of gold perfect for a nude lip.

Serannian Dreams

Serannian Dreams is described as a hot bubblegum pink which has medium to full opaque coverage. This gloss is BRIGHT especially on the girls with corpse like complexions that I have. It doesn't take much to get fully opaque which is an awesome plus.

Cosmic Gulfs

Finally, last but not least, is Cosmic Gulfs which is described as a metallic purple with medium opaque coverage. So if you if you are follower of my blog, I immediately must have anything with the term metallic on it. So, I had to definitely get this gloss. It is a gorgeous medium purple which builds up to fully opaque quite nicely. While some of you may think that metallic automatically makes you think that you are going to have metal lips and it isn't wearable. This is what I would call a wearable metallic. It isn't BOOM I have super robotic lips that are so awesome I can destroy a city instantly! It is a nice subtle vampy metallic purple which you can wear without people thinking you are here to take over the planet. As you can tell this is my favorite of the three since I love metallics (even super destroying planet domination lips) and purple.

If you are hell bent on world domination work on your evil villain laugh in this lipgloss.

So if you have the yearning to add some awesome Lipcraft Gloss to your lips you can purchase them here for$4.50 each.
They can all be yours...

   You can also follow Notoriously Morbid on Facebook, Instagram and in their fan group on FaceBook. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of A Swatch Here and A Swatch There! Until next time lovelies!

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