Monday, August 25, 2014

Mani Monday Featuring the New Steampunk Collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers

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Hello Lovelies! 
   I am back again for another installment of Mani Monday and this time I have a super special treat for you Samantha from Gothic Gala Lacquers contacted me and asked if I was interested in swatching a  new Steampunk collection that she was planning to release in the beginning of September. So, of course, I was super excited since not only do I love her polishes but I love all things Steampunk.

OMG! Did you say Steampunk?
  Then, I began to worry since I started thinking about the blog and my new found romance with animated gifs and blogging and then I realized I hadn't seen that many steampunk movies.

Hmmm, Let me think about this.
Then, I began to search the internet for steampunk animated gifs...

I searched everywhere and it seemed like a never ending task.
   Until it finally hit me that The City of Lost Children would be absolutely PERFECT for this collection. Not only was it one of my favorite films, it also had an amazing steampunk feel and Ron Perlman was in it. So it was made to animate this blog post for Gothic Gala's Steampunk collection.
    When most people tend to think of Steampunk, metallics often come to mind so naturally I was thinking that I was going to have shiny metallic nails. However, Samantha always continues to surprise me with her collections. Instead of bright metallics, she went the opposite direction and did mattes. Yup, that is right a mostly matte Steampunk collection which is simply brilliant. I liked how she took the grittier aspect of Steampunk while still working with the traditional metallic aspect. I swatched the polishes as they are and then with a top coat to give them either a matte or a shiny look so that you can see the differences. Just take a look...

Blue Steel is probably the most non traditional steampunk color with it being blue.It is a lovely hybrid combination of both a lighter blue and silver. This is naturally a matte however, it is just as gorgeous with a shiny top coat which makes it slightly darker and more metallic looking with a shiny top coat. I will have to say it is one of my favorites.

Bronze is the is a lovely like orange with a hint of gold and tons of shimmer when the light hits it just right. It is also a matte but looks only slightly darker with a shiny top coat.

Rust is the mid range tone of the steampunk metallics. While it is a lovely orange metallic hue it is darker with a  bit more red or even possibly a hint of pink. This is another matte but turns slightly darker when the shiny top coat is added but just as lovely.


Copper is another one of my favorites which is the darkest of the three orange metallics. It has more of brown hue than the other two with the most dramatic transformation when the shiny top coat is applied. You can see more of the brown the shiny top coat than in its' natural matte.

Finally, last but not least no steampunk collection would be complete without Silver. This is collection is no exception. While this color is silver it isn't the flashy over the top metallic silver since it would be completely out of place with the rest of the colors. This silver is more subtle and subdued however still silver none the less. This is the ONLY naturally shiny polish out of the entire collection and it is just as stunning with a matte top coat.

So there you have it lovelies, the Steampunk collection from Gothic Gala Lacquers releases September 1st. You can  either pick up the entire collection for $37 $45m since she has added a new color which is on its' way to me right now, or you can pick out your favorites for $8.50 a piece.

With prices like that you won't completely blow your beauty budget 
This collection will be around until Spring so no need to take up drinking just yet!

You can purchase Gothic Gala polishes here. If you would like to follow her on the web you can follow her on Facebook, Facebook Fan Group,  Instagram and Pinterest. I hope that you enjoyed this installment of Mani Monday and until next time lovelies!

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