Thursday, March 20, 2014

EOTD/ FOTD Series featuring Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Part One

Hello lovelies!
   I am back again today with another EOTD/ FOTD series this time featuring another one of my favorite indie companies Lunatick Cosmetic Labs. I was feeling especially bright today since it is "supposedly" the first day of Spring. But in all honestly, Mother Nature has been on a drinking bender this winter with the strange erratic weather we have been having. We had an "ice storm" in Florida. Seriously, what the hell? Mother Nature I dunno if you were trying to regain your youth with a drinking spree but we all felt it and hope that you are back on the wagon. But I digress, here is my look of the day and I wanted something extra bright. So instantly my hands wandered to my AlieNEON glitter stacker. It is pure bright neony goodness in a glittery stacker. (** Yes it hasn't officially been approved in the US for our eyes however if it is good enough for international lovely eyes then it is good enough for me. Always test a product our on yourself first before slathering all over yourself. While I understand wanting to be fabulous, always be safe first..) So here is what I came up with a My Little Pony, Rainbow Dash, inspired look. Cause honestly who are we kidding? Neon rainbows and ponies are awesome.

Bright, glittery and NEON what more could you ask for?
For this look I used the AlieNEON stacker and Dracula's Dream from Lunatick Labs. I also used London Calling from Lit Cosmetics. For the assorted dots and the front portion of my brow I used the Essential Palette from Wolfe FX.  So there you have it . Bright, neon rainbows based of ponies if that doesn't scream spring I don't know what does. 

Until next time lovelies...

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