Wednesday, March 5, 2014

EOTD/FOTD Series:BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup Part One

Hello lovelies!
   Welcome to another first in a new series, the EOTD/FOTD Series (or Eye/s of the Day or Face of the Day series) I do a lot of  looks and I thought that I would share them with all of you out there in blog land since some of you may or may not follow my Facebook page or my Instagram. But it is entirely possibly that you are following and have missed my EOTDs due to Facebook's new fail matrix. So I will be sharing here on my blog some of the various looks from one of my favorite indie companies BeautyBarBaby Mineral Makeup.

This look was done with a combination of BeautyBarBaby's :Snow Ball, Black Widow, Devil's Breath, Midnight, Poisoned Apply, Seductress and Electric Blue glitter on my eyes. I am also wearing Spicy Watermelon on my cheeks and Inferno Lipstick . 
I am also wearing Kawayii A Max red lenses from Uniqso. (use code "dreadfullydivine" for a discount)
I used the15 piece Pink brush set from the BornPretty Store.. (used code KLH10 for a discount)  

For this look I did it with a combination of Beauty Bar Baby's : SnoBall, Devil's Breath, Poisoned Apple, Black Widow and Gothic Grey. I am also wearing I Fairy Dolly + Red Lenses from Uniqso. I used the same brushes that were used in the look above from the BornPrettyStore.

You can purchase BeautyBarBaby's gorgeous makeup here: I hoped you like the start of this new series! Until next time lovlies!

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