Friday, March 21, 2014

EOTD/FOTD Series: Korpse Kosmetics Part One

Hello again lovelies!
    I am back again with another EOTD series this time from Korpse Kosmetics. As a lot of you may know Korpse is run by KimiToxxxic from YT . I recently ordered her Taste My Rainbow and Too Ghoul for School collections and I figured it was about time to bust into those colors. I also picked up Visual Kei which is a nice matte black. Why would I pick up another black eyeshadow when I all ready have at least  15 other lack shadows? Because I am looking for the perfect black which resembles my little black goth heart.  No, in all honestly I can never have enough black since I love darker looks and I have various shades of black through out my collection so I will always usually pick up a red or a black or both from a collection. Just as sure as my dog will give me the sad puppy dog eyes when I am cooking in the kitchen for me to hook him up with something special, I will usually pick up on or both of those shades. It is the goth in me I guess. But anyways...I did this look the same day as the Rainbow Dash inspired look (Yes, I often do two different eye looks and yes I do go out to pick my children up like that. I am THAT mom in the car line.) and instead of posting two EOTD looks in the same day I decided to share it today.
As you can tell I am really into dots lately...
I used LOL, Abby, Lagoona, Spectra, ROFL and Visual Kei. The dots are done with Wolfe Fx's Essential Palette (how in the world I survived without this awesome face paint palette I will never know. I want to use it all the time now!) I hope that you enjoyed this look and that you are enjoying the series! 
So until next time lovelies.... 

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