Wednesday, March 6, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- St Patrick's 0Day inspired look tutorial with Green Circle Lenses

Hello lovelies!
         I am back again this time with a St. Patrick's Day inspired look tutorial. While everyone claims to be somewhat Irish on St. Patrick's Day for free green beer, this green and gold look will show off your festive side even if you aren't Irish. No St. Patrick's Day look would be complete for me and my circle lens addiction without green eyes so I am wearing GEO XTRA WIA23 in Green from Uniqso. If you are looking for lenses click the icon in my sidebar to receive 10% off your purchase. Simple as that. ^_~

St. Patrick's Day Inspired Look

Here is what I used for the look: Moisturizer, Manly 120 PaletteNyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Black Gel Eyeliner (your choice I used MAC since that is what I have on hand), Your favorite mascara, Red Cherry Lashed #20, Black liquid eyeliner (or you can use the Gel if you prefer) and Theodora Glitter and Glitter adhesive from Lit Cosmetics. While any gold cosmetic glitter will work please note that the key word is COSMETIC. Please for anything that you hold dear do not use craft glitter anywhere near your face and especially your eyes! If you don't have glitter adhesive eyelash glue spread thinly over the area will work as well.

Colors used from the Manly 120 Palette

Let's get started!

Step One Prep and Prime the eye
Step One: Apply moisturizer all over the eye area and wait until absorbed. Then apply Too Face Shadow Insurance primer all over the lid  to the brow bone and under the lash line. Afterwards apply NYX jumbo pencil in milk over the same area and blend in.

Step Two Cut Crease
Step Two: Take a thin brush (I use a cheap synth brush from an artist brush pack at Walmart) and apply the black gel liner starting at the outer corner of your eye to the inner corner. The thicker you make it the more dramatic it will be. Don't worry if it isn't perfect you are going to blend this out.

Step Three Blend Cut Crease and apply highlight
Step Three: Take an angled brush and dip it into the black shadow and gently blend upwards in short strokes. By blending upwards you still have the cut crease. Apply the color marked 1 on the palette under your brow as a highlight and blend down to blend the two colors together.

Step Four Add Yellow

Step Four: Apply the matte yellow color marked number 2 on the palette above and apply it to about the middle of your eye. Be sure to apply it both on the lid and under your bottom lashes to tie in the look.

Step Five Add Green
Step Five: Apply the matte kelly green marked number 3 on the palette slightly overlapping the yellow to the almost the outside of your lid. Do the same to the bottom under the lashes as well.

Step Six Add Dark Green 
Step Six: Add the dark forest green marked number 4 on the palette to the remaining portion of the eye slightly overlapping the kelly green. Do the same thing under the lashes as well.

Step Seven Blend blend blend and then add some glitter!
Step Seven: Blend, blend, blend those colors to get a nice gradient effect. I use a Q-tip to blend when I am doing a cut crease so I am careful not to blend the crease. Apply glitter adhesive or a thin layer of lash glue over the yellow portion of the shadow and add Theodora or gold glitter (cosmetic grade only! please) on top and bottom. Wipe away any fallout you may have with a makeup wipe. If you don't have or don't care for glitter you can skip this portion (after the blending of course) and go straight on to step eight.

Step Eight Line those eyes and apply mascara!
Step Eight: Take your favorite liquid eyeliner (or you can use the gel liner you used for your cut crease if you prefer) and line the top of your eye. Line your waterline with your favorite black eyeliner (pencil or gel) and set with black eye shadow using an angled brush. Fill in (or draw in) your brows and add lashes. I used Red Cherry Lashes #20

Finished look!
You are done and you look fabulous! I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and if you have any requests feel free to leave them below. Be sure to click on the links (in purple) listed at the beginning of the tutorial for the lenses or to check out Uniqso.  Until next time my dears...

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