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In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Dark Peacock Makeup Tutorial with Glama Girl Cosmetics.

Hello lovelies!
   I am back again this time with a new makeup tutorial which I call, Dark Peacock. I love seeing blue, green, purple and gold together. It is one of my favorite color combinations ever. So when I won Glama Girl Cosmetics  new Africa 650 palette and they sent me their Vegas collection with it I needed to create a look with these gorgeous colors. For those of you who are circle lens addicts like I am I am wearing EOS J203 Adult Blue lenses from Kiwiberry-1 Collection. So let's get started!
     You will need your favorite moisturizer (eye and face), Too Face Eyeshadow Insurance, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk, Glama Girl Cosmetic Africa 650 Palette , Glama Girls Vegas collection (which isn't out just yet but when it is I will update with a link directly to it), your favorite black eyeliner (I use MAC Khol), your favorite black liquid liner (I use MAC's Liquid last cause it isn't going anywhere!), your favorite mascara and some lashes (if you prefer).

Glama Girl's Africa 650 Palette

Glama Girl's Vegas Stacker

Step One: Put your circle lenses or contacts in first (if you are wearing lenses) since you don't want to have your eyes water after your finish with your look. If you aren't wearing lenses skip this step obviously. ^_~ Apply your favorite moisturizer to your face and eyes and allow to dry. When your eyes are dry apply your primer. I use Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance, it is my go to primer of choice. I love the stuff. Then apply NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk and blend into the eye both above and below.

Prep and Prime your eye

Step Two:  Take the silver shimmer color from the Vegas Stacker from Glama Girl's Vegas collection, color number one, and apply to just under your brows (or where they should be). If you don't have the stacker any really light shimmery silver color will do.

Apply your highlight

Step Three: Apply the blue shadow marked number two from the Africa 650 Palette from Glama Girls on the outer and inner portion of your eye and about half way under your bottom lashes. If you don't have the palette any nice matte blue would work.

Apply the blue

Step Four: Take the green shadow marked number 3 on the Africa palette and apply in the middle of two blue areas on the top lid. A nice matte kelly green color would work instead if you don't have the palette. Also be sure to apply the green under your lashes to where the green begins on the inner part of your upper lid.

Apply the Green

Step Five: Apply the matte black, number 4, from the Africa palette on top of the green and blue on your upper lid and at the outer corner of your eye so that the black is cupping the color. Don't worry if the black doesn't seem dark enough we will add more later.

Apply the Black

Step Six: Apply the matte yellow marked number 5 on the palette under your eye near your tear duct. Then with a small rounded brush or your finger place a dab of the golden shimmery pigment also marked number 5 from the Vegas stacker in the middle of the green shadow and carefully blend out the colors. When I am working with really bright and vivid colors close together that I don't want to get lost in each other I carefully blend the edges with a Q-tip since it is small and precise. I can control the blending better than with some of my favorite brushes. Go back and apply the colors as needed after you blend  the look out to your preference.  Take a makeup wipe and clean up any fallout to make the look neater.

Apply your yellow and gold

Step Seven: Apply your favorite mascara and then line your bottom waterline with your favorite black khol pencil. Set the pencil with a black eye shadow using an angled brush. Line the top of your eyes with black liquid liner.

Apply mascara and liner

Step Eight: Fill in (or draw in as in my case) your brows. You can stop here or you can apply some false lashes and your done!

Fill in your brows and add lashes

You're Done! I hope that you lovelies enjoyed this tutorial. Go check out Glama Girl Cosmetics and tell them I sent you. If you would like to purchase these lenses or any pair of lenses from Kiwiberry-1 Collection be sure to click on the link in my side bar and use the coupon code: dreadfullydivine for 15% off!

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