Friday, February 1, 2013

In the Pursuit of Fabulous- Valentine's Day look Tutorial

Hello Lovelies!
   It is officially February and Valentine's Day is right around the corner. While some people may consider Valentine's Day to be another "Hallmark Holiday" to make people feel guilty and buy cards, I don't care since it is a holiday were you can get CHOCOLATE. It could be called give Dreadfully Divine Chocolate holiday and I would be just as excited. But before I wander off to attempt to lay in wait for the chocolate fairy (there has to be one), here is a Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial featuring the Barbie Forest Red Lenses I just reviewed.

Here is what I used for this look: Moisturiser, Manly 120 Palette , Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance , Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk , MAC Liquid Last, your favorite mascara, MAC's eyepencil in Ebony,  Red Cherry Lashes 101 and Lit Glitter in Punk.

Step One: Apply moisturizer all over your eye, once it is soaked it then apply Too Faced Eye shadow insurance.all over your lid and under your lash line. Apply Nyx's Jumbo Pencil in Milk all over your lid and under your lashes as well. The primer (eye shadow insurance) will help prevent creasing and extend the life of your eye shadow. Applying the Jumbo Pencil in Milk will make your eye shadows extra vibrant. Using your fingers or a brush gently rub in Milk, if it is too thick it will cause creasing which counter acts the eye shadow primer. Take color marked one of the palette and apply it right under the brows (or where your brows would be).

Step Two: Apply the light pink color marked number two on the palette over your entire lid and slightly above your crease. Remember to pat on the color in order to get the best coverage.

Step Three: Apply the dark matte purple marked number three on the palette in a slanted L shape around the pink and under your lashes.

Step Four: Apply the lighter shade of purple (marked 4 on the palette) above the dark purple and going all the way towards the tear duct. Then take the pinkish red shade (marked five on the palette) and apply in the very outer corner of your eye (inside the purple L shape).

Step Five: Blend blend blend! Blend until you are satisfied with the look. Now you may look like you have huge raccoon eyes after all the blending (and possibly fallout from your shadow). That is OK. Just take a makeup wipe (or baby wipe) and gently clean up the area around your eyes.

Step Six: Apply eyeliner to your waterline and set with a black eye shadow. Apply your favorite mascara, Line the top lid with liquid liner and fill (draw) in your brows. Once your liner dry, apply false eyelashes. Red Cherry lashes in 101 are extremely dramatic so choose the size and style of lashes that best suits you. Finally for the last little pop of color apply some purple cosmetic grade litter under your bottom lashes. I used Lit Cosmetics glitter in Punk. Be sure to apply the glitter with some kind of glitter adhesive ( Lit, Eye Candy, or even a thin layer of eyelash glue will work to keep the glitter in place). And you will end up with this...

Until next time my dears...

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