Monday, August 6, 2012

In the Pursuit of Fabulous...Review of Ifairy Style Hanabi Blue Circle lens

Hello my lovelies,
     I am doing another Circle lens review for you today. Today I am reviewing Ifairy Style Hanabi Blue Circle lenses. As being a brown eyed beauty, I longed to have the striking combination of blue eyes with black hair. This combination has always been truly stunning with mixture of darkness and light. So naturally I needed to try this out on myself to see how I liked it.These are the first blue circle lenses that I purchased and I am extremely pleased with them. Having really dark brown eyes I was concerned that the color wouldn't be noticeable from a distance, but I was pleasantly surprised. While you can make out that the lenses are blue from a distance but the bright blue color and pattern isn't really noticeable until you are close up and in bright light. I asked my husband what he thought of the new lenses and he responded, "Their blue and they look weird." I am guessing that "weird" is going to be the standard response for circle lenses due to the enlargement. He should be used to weird, he is after all with me. My camera and the light were apparently working against me today. So until the budget allows, my camera will continue to call my bluff on throwing it away from something new.So Dreadful gives Ifairy Style Hanabi Blue the following ratings..
Natural light inside
Sunlight outside
Enlargement- 9.5 out of 10 bats
   Theses lenses are larger than my Candy Magic Big Size Green. They are 15mm, so you will notice a considerable difference. The lenses do give you an alien or doll like appearance. So people will look at you and try to figure out what is different about you.

Color and Design- 8 out of 10 bats
    While these lenses do stand out against my dark brown eyes, I really wished that they were more vibrant from a distance. The swirled pattern is quite striking against the blue but I wish I could see it a bit better on my eyes. Similar to the Candy Magic Big Size Green these may be more vibrant on lighter eyes.

Comfort- 8 out of 10 bats
   These lenses are quite comfortable, however I do get a bit of a haze in my peripheral vision which can be slightly annoying.

Overall- 8.5 out of 10 bats
   The color and design are gorgeous and you will have an doll like appearance with these lenses,however the hazy peripheral vision may be irritating.

Until next time my dears..

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