Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Pursuit of Fabulous-Review of Natural Big Eyes Lenses - Dolly Eye - Pop C Light Violet

Hello my lovelies,
    I am back again with another circle lens review for you. This time I am reviewing Natural Big Eye Lenses Dolly Eye Pop C in Light Violet. I originally purchased these lenses from EyeCandy's Store but for some reason they are no longer in stock. AS I have stated before I have really dark brown eyes and while some lenses look amazing in the photos on the website they don't live up to their images when you get them out of their vials and into your eyes. While I am sure that those lenses may look jaw dropping amazing with people with lighter eyes not so much on us dark eyed ladies and gents. But not so with these lenses, you can tell the difference and the actual color from a distance. If you are looking for a lens that stands out in a crowd these lenses are for you. I love dramatic looking lenses and makeup so these were right up my alley.
Without flash on an overcast day

With flash., just look at the amazing color.

Enlargement- 8 out 10 bats
  These lovelies are huge. Large enough to draw attention to you but not too big that people will think that you are some strange alien from another planet. People will glance your way and do a double take. So be prepared. 

Color and Design- 8 out of 10 bats
   The color of these lenses are amazing. The pigmentation is dark enough to stand out against my dark eyes and up against my dying camera. They are really vibrant! If you are looking for a more subtle or natural violet eye, then these are not for you. They are quite dramatic and stunning. But then again, I love the strange and unusual.

Comfort- 7 out of 10 bats
   While these lenses are comfortable my eyes were being to tire and dry out after about six to seven hours. If you are thinking of wearing these beauties all day/night take some eye drops and your case in case they dry out too much.

Overall- 7 1/2 bats out of 10
    While I loved the color and enlargement of these amazing lenses, I wish they were a bit more comfortable for me to wear longer without drops. People will do a double take and stare at these lovely lenses since they are so striking and really draw attention to your eyes. I still can't rave enough about how pigmented they are to stand out from a distance on my dark eyes. So if you are looking for a gorgeous violet lens that will draw attention go out and purchase these.

It appears that after I composed this blog entry, my sad sick little camera has finally given up the ghost and died a horrible death. Which, I will say, is all for the best since it could no longer take decent close up pictures. So, since the camera gods have spoken, I will be purchasing a camera after the holidays and I will be back with better (and clearer) pictures and I will be revising the tutorial with new images and of course more reviews and tutorials. So have a wonderful holiday season and I will see you all in 2013. Until next time my dears...

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